The sacred dance

The sacred dance

Sometimes you have til experience something new and that is why I am here in India right now, to experience, to learn og and just to be.

When I was younger, like a teenager, there was some words, people told me was significient for me, and these words I have been carrying heavy around in my backpack ever since. And now some of these words, will actually be in this text, because it tell you so much about this sacred dance. So now my friend, I actually will tell you one of my biggest secrets, so I can put them away, let them go:

I was to be very stubborn, I was wild (cause I always have to improve everything), I like to tell people against (contradict) and I was very noisy, cause I loved to sing and dance.

I am probably still these words cause:

Stubborn, when I put myself up to do something, then I won´t stop before I have done it.

Contradict people, yes some people tell me that I am still doing this, but factum is, that I have stopped most of it, cause I don´t want to discuss, that is a waste of time and good energy. Then I rather say nothing, if I do not agree with people.

Wild, yes I am wild, cause I love to challenge myselv psysically, mentally and are ready to move to do it.

Noisy, well here is actually something I have forgotten to be in my last 30 years, and why is that? Well that’s because I have been a devoted mommy and wife and in these years, while my kids was growing up, I forgot about my bodys demands to be wild, to sing, to dance.. I had sparetime, so I could have done it, but my husband did not like to dance and hear dance music, he enjoyed to hear heavy metal. So my music just died somehow and so did the dance in my life.. I forgot it because of this, and certainly also because, I had more and more to do in my daily life.. I actually believe that’s how life is, such a normal thing.

BUT; one of the things I told myself within I went from Denmark to India, was, that I through the silence would like to embrace music and dance and this wild girl into my life again, well it might be a little late, but nothing is to late before you end up dead, right? So, here is what this story is about:


Imagine a slow tired friday morning, to get out of bed and go to a yoga session, this session actually was very shaking one, so wild shaken, which launched a huge freeing process. And while I am writing this, I still get high about thought of this session.

It showed, that this yoga morning would be about “letting go” and just shake your body free of any tightness you must have stored in your muscles and your mind. We started out with an laying meditation about embracing the five elements in our body and mind, and then in a quiet calm way waking up our tired morning bodies.

And then, there were absolutely no more stillness, cause we started to shake our body from our feets and up, to a wild music which invited us to shake, and at last this shaken, got us into a so called trance dance. This called for the wild woman inside of me and I couldn´t stop dancing and shaking, cause I got this high feeling of this shaking, so it was kind of a sadness, when the music slowly stopped and we were asked to lay down into shawasana ( dead mans yogapose) as you use to relax after a yogasession.

The breakfast was calling and while we were eating, our dancing yogateacher told us, that this session was the last one she was going to have at Ashiyana this season.. So sad L Then we talked about that we wanted more of this, cause it had been such an amacing experience. Then another yogateacher told us, if we were interested, she would be delightet to take us for a dancemeditation in Arambol at a place called “The Source” this same evening. She said it would be like a wild ecstatic dans around a huge Banyon tree in stillness for two hours and then after that, there would be a meditation.

And yes some of us, was dying to go there and embrace this kind of dancing. Cause these kind of experiences you can´t get enough of.

Sooo, we met at dinnertime, where we were eating this wonderful organic meal, as we all love at Ashiyana, at after that we went to Arambol for dance and meditation. This evening I saw a part of Arambol, that I no earlier had seen. The taxidriver drove us behind Arambol, through very tiny streets out to the place where The Source was locatet. When we went out ouf the taxi, the first thing we met was a pig with a little piglet, so cute and still so much india, cause where else in the would would you experience a pig nereby a danceplace..

When we walked to the entrance we heard loud music and we met a group of people whom was smoking, (no smoke or drinks or talking within the walls), but actually these people was not smoking normal tobacco.. Another thing there is significient for India . But still inside of the outside dance and meditation place, there was none of this aloud, so people had to go outside if they had these tendencies.

Inside the dancefloor which were surrounded by high walls of bambus, this music was loud, and then it´s just began.. Our feets just startet tripping on this vinyl floor and in the middle of this, there was this amazing huge banyon tree, which were surrounded of most possible 200 sweating bodies, whom were dancing.. It was amacing to watch.

We closed out eyes and quietly we started  to get into this exstatic dance and inner wellness. Our own dance, began to be like the others, more and more wild. Wooow, which feeling, so freeing, so happy expressions from everybody at the floor, smiling eyes and mouths met me, when I opened my eyes to look at those dancing sweating bodies, wearing more or less disent clothes, (no nakedness though) where I was dancing. It was wild, so wild wild wild !!!

Two hours of this shaking powerful music and dance was quietly released into a quiet song, there slowly told people to stop dancing, and lay down at the floor in shawasana and give into a meditaion and sigh the exstatic energy out of our bodies. After that, we sat up in a huge round cirkel to hold around each other and hold hands and go for the three Ohms and blessings for the space we were given to do this in <3

I was so high on life, and so was all the other friends I came there with, so we decided that it was absolutely not the last time, we enjoyed this. And on our way home, we stopped at the grocery shop to bye something to drink, at there people told us to be quiet, because the time was late, actually it only 11pm, but that is late in this little city.

It was very hard to go to sleep, so Maja and I decided to go to the beach, and talk for a while, so time became late before we went into sleep.

A day in India which started and ended with a freeing dance ❤

And – Then, just to say it out loud, we were going for this dance once more time yesterday evening as well. Same place, same time but a different DJ. This DJ told us later that it was him there had made this dance possible, together with his sister and his landlords and nabourougs from the beginning to the end of season, which apparently showed to be the Wednesday.. This evening it was even more beautiful, cause he was a very good Dj, and he served us with a huge “Gong bath” during the meditation.. It was amazing, everything this night was so amazing, that I will be thinking of taken this kind of experiences to Denmark.

I will by my heart recommend you to try this if its possible <3 But to begin with I like to recommend “Lalita Marmeka´s ecstatic shaking workshops, she will be teaching some places in Europe this summer, and I believe she will be visiting Denmark in august. You are welcome to take a look at her homepage:


Yes, I have to say, that I really found into my wild dancing life again, It was so freeing, so wonderful. I learned this day and night, that I can dance forever and how importen it is to keep the dance in our life, thorough our hole life, even also, if you have husband/wife/children.. Please do not forget to dancing, it is liferescueing, it it the happiness of life you put on hold, if you don´t dance.. So go for the dance and let go of your tighteness..

I am so high on life <3


In love & light, namasté 🙏 ❤

Lilly Acacia

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