Goodbye Patmen, and on my way to Amritapuri Ashram

This last week, has been so wonderful , because I have honored myselv by getting a beachhut with aircondition. I have paid about pounds 2,5 for this luxury beachhut with a huge kingsize bed, which had a heaven of a moskitonet instead of the small one , where we always have to fight it. And in this room, there also was a couch and a table and a huge bathroom with enough hot water to get a decently hairwash.

The restaurant here og the people who work here are also very nice. The beach and the small street with shops is quiret and sort of cozy. But here as well in Mandrem they are they closing their shops because to the end of season. Everything at this beach has been having the atmosphare of peace, just what I needed to go deep.

But everything has an end and today I am on going to Kerala, well I will however first be leaving around midnight, where I am taking the nighttrain. I have bought a bed in a sleeping car with aircondition, and will now be looking forward to be on the train for 16 hours. This I am happy about, cause I like to travel by train.

But when I had to book the ticket, I felt cheated, (and have never tried that feeling here before). The story is, that first I got the message, that I couldn´t get a ticket with aircon, they were sold out, but he would try friday instead, if he got an advance of 500 Rs (50 The following day I was told, that he now had got a ticket with aircon sleeper to me, and to travel saturday, but that him who should come with it would like a little for the inconvenienceto gt it. The ticket itself would cost 1,600 Rs (160, so I gave the booker another 2000 Rs (200 d. kr) and then got the ticket in the evening .. Hmm afterwards I came to think, that I had already given him 500 Rs in advance, but now the ticket cost me 2500 Rs (250 and on The ticket was the gross price of 1,190 Rs (119 dkr.) Tradaaaa, yes, I felt cheated, but I had got my aircon sleeper .

Such things happens, but it’s the first time, it’s happened to me, thinking, yes, I can only learn from it, because it was myself, there forgot, that I had given this advance on 500Rs. The end of the story is now, that my ticket has a cost a total of $250, which may correspond to a return ticket from Næstved to Copenhagen, maybe not even that. So everything is okay. I land in Kerala Kayankolum tomorrow at 4:00 pm.

While I have been here, my mother was on a bus trip to Poland, and she had been looking foreward too. But she was no more than just there, before she fell and broke one of her knees and twistet one foot, so it turned big and blue. This was how my care for her suffered, because I could do nothing, but talk to her via messenger and on the phone, all the practicalities I had to leave for her guide and then to my sister and swear. My mother is now to be flown home today, and is going to have an operation tomorrow, but she is feeling good now, that she knows, when she’s going home, and that’s the most important thing. But that came into my mind, that suddenly we found ourselves to be extremely vulnerable, when we are travelling. Because there is no help to get from our family. And when it comes to one’s old mother, or for that matter, it could have been one of my children (it happened to my son 4 years ago in Paris) then my/our thoughts of care will take a huge amounts of energy, just by thinking about it.

Well, everything is most likely as it should be, and we/I just have to learn to let go of what we/I can not really do, nevertheless, and there are probably others at home who are able to take care of our loved ones.
Back, I sit and have topack my physical backpack again and leave this beautiful paradise (which has both ordinary forest and a beach and here is onfortunenately more clean than both Mandrem and Arambol), with my new friends/acquaintances in my inner backpack. However, I’m incredibly pleased to have experienced this beautiful place, but I’m really prepared to go on, because I’m ready for new exciting experiences and a more (busy) day.

Thus, these first four weeks, has for me, been like having a holiday, to learn to relax, let go of the stress I had in my body, before I was to find the place, I would like to study. Goa is however and forever in my heart and I will definitely return to this next season, as I have left my physical suitcase and some amazing friends in Mandrem. But now I’m ready for the next chapter.

So, If you want to read about my tour to Kerala, then please make sure to watch the next episode of soap 😉

In love and light, namasté 🙏 ❤

Lilly Acacia

3 thoughts on “Goodbye Patmen, and on my way to Amritapuri Ashram”

  1. Lilly!

    It sounds like you made the right decision! It looks like paradise, and you enjoy every minute. I will say a prayer for your mom. Very proud of you!
    Love, Donna❤️

    1. Thank you so much for reading my posts and write this comment and for your trust in me Donna, I am so delighted that you are doing this for me 🙏❤️Lilly Acacia

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