El camino de Santiago, part 1

St. Jean Pied du Port – Pamplona: Op af bakke 🙂

I started my Camino walk saturday 5/5-2018 going uphill! Yes, it was really really a lot uphill from day 1. Came late from my hostel, cause I had to sent a packet with som clothes home, so I had to wait for the postoffice to open. 9:30 am I was ready to start and from there it only went up, up, up the hill all of that walking uphill, it was so hard, and when I thought that it couldn´t go anymore uphill, it just turned out to be more around the next corner. Well I know that it sounds like a lot of sighs, but it was so har,d and in between, it was so such beautiful sights . A wonderful landscape opened up in front and back of me. Jeg had never ever believed that I was going to klimp mountains, knowing about my scare of heights, and now I was doing the Pyrenæers, at one point I even thought that I had gone mad, that I could get such an idea of doing this.

Actually I would have startet out in Reconcevalles, but a yogi friend Ceri told not to. She said I would be happy to do it, cause it was so magic and beautiful, and yes she was right, it is both thing and hard as well, so I would be sorry, If I had startet somewhere else as I planned.

After 8 km´s of uphill walking I came to a hostel and restaurant called Orisson, but I thought it was too early to stop walking, so I took a cup of coffee and a sandwich and was ready to start walking again.. But that was only until I heard there still was 18 kilometers to next hostel, then I decided, I would have to wait for the next day. And lucky me, they still, at that time, had one bed left, How lucky can I be 🙏.

At this place I met the first other danish people, a married couple from Ringsted, whose had walked this route 4 times. I thought, that something must be really good about the camino, since they keep doing it.

While I was sitting with my coffee, I was thinking about if I had taken my mind and mouth too full, would I be able to finis these 800 km?? Lise came out of the restaurant, looked at me and said: I believe I know what you are thinking of, and the answer is YES you can do it, if I can do it, you can do it, and I have done it 4 times as you know. And yes ofcause I can do it, I want to do do it, so yes I can do it ❤

First night in the hostel showed up, that it was in a sleeping area with a bunch of beds and together with some italien, canadians and indien people, sweet persons, very talkative, and already here it felt like that everyone there is walking the camino is growing in to be a part of the family. everybody is taking care of everybody and the service is warm hugs, positive psycology. For me personly, I think this is a just sometimes a little too much, but “Buen camino” are the words and here it is like that, doing Buen camino, you are a part of all of us, like it or not 😉

Day 2, was starting by walking uphill, people passed me, and I passed them, for we are stopping for breaks different places. At one time I reached a hill m´with an amazing view and where the Lady Virgin of Orisson was watching over us og maybe, it was Madonna with her baby, they just called The Lady Virgin of Orisson.

At noontime they had a car standing with food to buy, even boiled eggs and bananas.. Wiiie proteins, as we didn´t got for breakfast they were now offering to us ❤.

An from there it went even more uphill, on wet earth and rolling stones and here I figured out why it was necessary to have trekking sticks, I was so happy that I had bought mine in India. I also changed my socks every one hour, cause the danish couple said it was a real good thing to do, to avoid blisters.

Suddenly we had passed the border without knowing it, and now 1pm we were in Spain and then it was real time for a break and for lunch. I was so happy to enjoy a dry boring sandwich sitting and laying on my yogamat and to enjoy a spetacular view.. Woow I love my yogamat 🙏.

And now we just had to go down from this mountain again and believe me, it was a very steep going downhill in the forest on rolling stones, and my left forfeet was about to kill me.. Well it was hard to walk uphill, but that was nothing to compare walking downhill.. I tell you here a lot of people met their wall, and I was just about to do the same, but somehow I managed and came down without any injuries, though so tired that I with garanty looked like shit.

Went into the line of people to get a hostel bed to sleep in, throw my boots away, and took my klip klaps on, ohh it was such a relieve.. The hostel was very big, many new shielded beds, and very clean.. They woke us up next day to music from a man who played guitar.

Day 3, started soft and on a smooth road, thought this scenary changed after few kilometers to walking up and downhill again, on paths with tiles. My forfeet war hurting a lot, but it helped me walking in slalom when going downhill.. 7 km and then a cafe with coffee, changing socks, walking barefeet while having this break, so nice in the beautiful weather.

Of it went to another city for lunchtime and here I changed into sandals, the best idea, I had made until now at this trip, it was real good, a relieve for my poor left forfoot, no more pain.

Suddenly after that I was standing in fromnt of two signs telling me This way camine was 6,9 km and the other way was 7,5 km till Zubrini.. Hmm what to choose?

I took the uphill road, and this time I was sure, I had gone wrong, because it was a really dangerous path with lot of rolling stones and steep narrow uphill, but I came up and took a breathing pause, turned around to look for more backpackers, but no one was there, I really felt I was on the wrong path..Then I startet walking again and on more time it went steep uphill, it was very hard to walk there, lost my breath several times, but after 20 minutes I was at the end at this path, took of my backpack sat down and drank a half liter of water..

While I was sitting there a group of bicykles came uphill, woow I was amazed, how could they do it?? Then came a Korean woman sad down besides me and waitet for her husbanad and daughter to arrive.

From there, we had to go downhill again, again a very steep and on a slate coatet hill. Suddenly I was in  Zubrini, found my hostel and went to drink something like a beer, yes a beer, and here I met the danish couple again and then also the Aussies Michael and Helena all very wonderful people.

Day 4, seems to be a smooth road to Pamplona on the paper, but it showed, that it was indeed, a diffecult narrow and very wet path to walk and no coffee spots anywhere. First after 18 kilometers, we could get coffee and something to eat. I ws so tired and sore in my legs, that everytime I sat down, I thought it was so diffecult to get startet walking again, because the legs got stiff after just 5 minutes of resting.

After 3 more kilometers we finally reached Pamplona, and I booked a hotel, decided to stay for 2 nights, needed a break.. and fell asleep on the bed to next morning, where I couldn´t get out of bed. Felt my hole body was broken and my humor was on Zero, NO go!!!


managed to go out a bed and went for a massage, ohhh it was like comming in heaven, this massagetherapist was soo good, and her work on my legs, was so nice.. I really felt like in heaven.

The next day I sent on my backpack, for people told me it would be a very hard walk, and recommended to sent the backpack, so I listened and did that and walked very easy. Felt almost guilty, when I saw others with backpack on..


This was the first part on my camino trip, and if you were pleased to read that, you are so welcome to read the next chapter of “SOAP”

In love and light, namasté 🙏 ❤ Lilly Acacia


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