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When I left Sri Lanka 3rd of September around mid day, I was in very much doubt about where I would go to after the housewarming party in Goa, as was suppose to last around 4-6 days.

The doubt arised because I recently had been in a huge flood in Kerala and I really didn´t feel for going back to India. But on my way around Sri Lanka, I had talked to two of my friends from the Camino in Spain, both of them, wanted me to join them trekking in either Australien or at the camino again, but if I did that, then I wouldn´t have time to write my book, and that was my plan from the beginning of my travel to do that in India. Very quick I turned down the offer to go to Australia, couse it would be to much travelling. But I couldn´t deside about the camino in Spain, so I din´t reply to that offer, decided to wait with that until I was back in India.

In the airport of Goa, I was met by a driver I knew, and his first word to me was: “Welcome back home Ma´m”, these words kept me blown away and as we were driving to Asvem, I thought a lot about them. When we arrived at my friends resort, my friend met me at the entrance, and after I had been to my room we went for a talk at the beach, and here I really, after so long time away, felt I really was home!.

The next day I got the same feeling when I was putting my toes into the sand and I was no longer in doubt about where to write my book and settle down for a period. So as I took my phone, to write my friend in Germany, to tell her about my decision, a message came in from her, that told me, that she was not able to do the camino once more this year, she had to learn to live in her new appartement before she was to hike on the camino once more. So my decision became very easy about staying in Goa, showed up to be the right thing to do and now after 6 months here I still believe it was for the best.

Mandrem Beach out of season.

When I arrived here, here seemed to be no villages, neither Mandrem or Aswem Beach seemed to exist, everything was wrapped into big colored plastic tarpaulins to protect the buildings from the monsoon rain which still not was finish, so empty here was and yet, if you listen, you would be able to hear the sound of an electric saw or two. So something was happening here but it didn´t lok like the small villages I used to know.

When I one day wanted to walk along the beach, from Aswem to Mandrem, I was not able to do it, because the tide was so high, so I had to walk by the road. There was only 4 km, so I enjoyed the walk even though I had to dress up and cover knee and shoulders, because there seemed to be no other foreigners than me, and I prefered not to show anything, not to give any Indians any funny ideas. In Mandrem was only one restaurant open, and here I gained the first new friends in Mandrem, and they are still friends after 6 months, I am really grateful for that.

After a short time, the inhabitants began to tear down the tarpaulins, and slowly the small city of Mandrem Beach revealed, and now I I had to fight for a good appartement within the other tourist for the hole season came. I got a place to stay at a friend, whom rent out houses for short time stays, but as she said, here is nobody yet, so I will give you this yellow house with the view to the ocean, for a temperary period until you find an appartement, for a very cheap money.

11 of October I moved into a real nice appartement with tree rooms, kitchen and livingroom, this one I then had to share with two other women from Denmark and England so that the rent became low enough. Believe me, that was the best idé I ever had got, because the tree of us became really good friends and have bonded in a real nice way. So we have now decided, st when we come out here next season, we will stay in Southgoa and see what to create there.

This season in Mandrem, has been very quietly. Until Christmas there was not many tourists and all of the shopdealers complained a lot, sighed after some sale and after Christmas it didn´t seem to be any better, first now in february there are some more people here, and a little sale, but none of shopdealers clap their hands.. This silent time seems to be the result of the long and warm summer we had in Europe 2018. But is that really the only problem for why here is so quiet. Unfortunately there has been fully booked at 3 huge resorts most of the time, but for some reason we don´t know, nobody seems to like to walk the street, and people here is wondering why?

Huge contructions are going on here, all the inhabitants want to be rich and therefore they are building big houses with appartements to rent out og huge hotels, but all of these constructions makes a lot of noise, and this noise did not stop before Christmas, and still here are some there is not finish and do not care about how much they disturb the tourists with the noise of chainsaws and blowtorches. That has probably (I am sure) scared people away, from this small city there used to be a silent and peaceful place. And another reason to not so much traffic in the shopping street could be that all the shops has the same things, same boring clothes and other things as the last ten years . The shop owners does not want to listen to our words about having different things in each shop, so it doesn´t look alike one shop after another, they don´t like to renew themself or their shops.

All the prices seems to have increased, for both food, rents for appartements, massage, events and the taxidriving, so it is not a cheap place to be anymore.

Another reason could also be, that the russians has taken over the place, they are all over here, in Mandrem, Arambol, Aswem, Anjuna , they are all over the northern part of Goa. I am not a racist, I really like all human beings, and I also have some russian friends, but I don´t like when tourist in other countries does not behave in a good way, and I have to say that 75% of the russians here, does not know how to behave, they are drinking a lot, get drunk, take drugs, get vociferous, yell and are fighting each other. The women does not understand how to dress in a street, they walk down the street in a very tiny bikini, there does not leave anything to the fantasy. At the restaurants, they come in half naked, buy the food, go to the store next door to buy something to drink for their meals at the restaurant, and they do not care about the owners of the restaurants see it. They leave a mess after themselves when they leave restaurants, beach or where so ever they are, they never clean up after them selfes and they believe every indian has to obey their orders.. Yes I know this seems to be generalizing, but it is unfortunately the truth.

I don´t understand that the Indians seems to agree with this, some of them has even learned the russian language, just to talk to the russians, because the russian can´t speak english or other languages, they demand the people here to understand their language and behavior. I have talked to my indian friend, who is married to a Polish man about it, and the subject occured a day, where she was very tired after an episode with a russian guy at her resort. She came to that theory, that the russians succeed doing this, because they are so demanding in their attitude and that the Indians for many thousand of years always have had to obey the authority, so they dont know how else to do.. But they don´t really approve this kind of behavior. I believe my friend is right about this subject, but however, it is not the right way to behave Russian or not!

My stay here in India, Goa and Kerala, has however been so wonderful an experience, I have acchieved a huge insight of how India people think and act, and what India as a country and goverment stands for.

Cecilia, Shanti and I.

I have learned to know a lot of people, gained a lot of new friends, has been attending a lot of their parties, has looked into their schools, their traditions, now I have acchieved so much knowlegde about these south state Indian people, so next time (and there will be a next time), I come here, I will begin in the North part of the country instead of the south, I simple does have to learn more about this wonderful fashinating Country. But I will not be out here in any more monsoon time, its simple too humid and warm for me, and way too rainfull.

Besides that, I also have learned a lot of new skills, taken some courses and are now teacher in Sound healing/meditation, as well as in panchakarma treatments, yoga and some other kinds of massage, therapies ect..

Shirodhara treatment.

So now I am even more capable, to do retreats, than before, just because of these new skills to my CV. And I really like to announce, that I, yes me Lilly Acacia, have learned to teach yoga in the english language, and every morning I am/has been teaching at a hotel/resort. And to fill in my days, well that is certainly no problem, but I write on my book and walk the beach to keep fit, and meditate, chanting and dancing.. Ohhh my life is so good 🙏😇


So der friends and citizents in India, Aluva , Fort Kochi in Kearala, Mandrem, Asvem, Arambol in Goa, I thank you of all my heart for giving me a wonderful, rich time with a lot of learnings, but also a tough experience in Aluva, (the flood) Kerala. And for the most relaxed stay in Mandrem with a lot of good friends around me, there have stand by my side in all my time away from my own country.


The time has now for me, come to continue my travel, I will from here go to experience Mauritius, before I go for my own Country in the middle of March.

Even though my blog has been silent for a longer time, though, I will keep on writing here, now and when I have time.. Sometimes there will however, be a long while with not much happening here, due to, that I am still writing my book, and it takes a long time to do that, But I will still be posting words here too..

So, If you want to read about my tour to Mauritius, then please stay tuned to watch the next episode of “SOAP” 😉

In love & light, Namasté 🙏❤️

Lilly Acacia

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